DC/Marvel Crossover
Welcome to Radioactive! We are a brand spanking new Marvel/DC crossover! We are canon only. Have a friendly staff. Our members are our main focus. We want you to help us create marvelous stories and memories that will last forever! So come, join us. And as always,
Stay evil, dollface.
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August 15th Welcome Sabe to staff!

August 13th Justice is the winner of Shark Week

August 6th Welcome Nick to staff!

July 22nd Looking for Marvel Characters and Villians!

July 2nd Radioactive is officially open!

Jen Welcome Jen to staff as the advertising mod!

Staff Search Radioactive is looking for a coder, mod, and advertiser. Please see our annoucement thread for details!

Soft OpeningRadioactive is a starting to open it's doors June 25th!

New York City
Summer 2020
We need villains
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Detailed Plot Analysis > CASSIE > Aug 7 2018, 08:11 PM

Welcome to Radioactive. We are a Marvel/DC Comics crossover. Before you jump into the delightful canon list, face claims, and more, take a look at our basic information.

FAQ > ALOY > May 17 2018, 11:25 AM

Welcome to the help desk. Here you'll find more important information to read, like the new member guide and FAQ'a. This board is open for guest responses when it comes to the FAQ.

JUSTICE WINS SHARK WEEK > ALOY > Aug 13 2018, 03:02 AM

Keep up to date with everything happening here on Radioactive. We have everything from site announcements to gossip.

Morning After > GWEN STACY > Yesterday at 09:23 pm

This area is just for members! Hang out, make codes, play, games, and chat about all your favorite comic characters!

Character Creation
Taken Canon List > ALOY > Aug 9 2018, 08:53 PM

This is the board with everything you need to know to get the ball rolling. Everything from the canon list to stats are located here.
Hela (W.I.P) > HELA > Today at 11:27 am

This is where you application will be posted for review. We look forward to reading all the wonderful ideas that you have created. All applications will be moved to plotters once finished.
Member Directory > JASON TODD > Aug 5 2018, 05:59 AM

These are the member claims for the site. Make sure these are updated to ensure no one gets confused.

Luthor, Alexander > ALOY > Today at 11:25 am

Here at Radioactive we are all about you. So, let's get that story started. Here you'll find everything that has to do to character development. Plot and have fun with others. Make mood boards and more! We also house our technology board and site codes here.

New York
Other places in the US
Advertising and Archives
RED RAIN > CAPRI > 43 minutes ago

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